I thought I would share my frequent name struggle. On many occasions, I’ll introduce myself to someone and make eye-contact to in an effort to ensure they see how I pronounce my name. Then he/she goes ‘ Uh moris’. I’ll say ‘Amaris.’ They respond ‘Uh mare is.’ I reply ‘Amaris.’ Then quite contently, they … More #UniqueNameProblems

CAke gal

Here are pics from my birthday celebrations. My sis made the big collage I love it! My black dress is vintage. The other outfits a Zara Top and Shirt. Urban Outfitters belt and top shop shoes and necklace.


I went to 106 again recently and I couldn’t help but notice how disconnected Rocsi and Terrence J were. Rocsi seemed to have an unpleasant attitude. It seemed as soon as the camera went off Rosci’s face dropped as she spoke with the staff and had her hair and makeup touched up. Terrence thanked the … More 106!

Former Child Star

The other day I passed Macaulay Culkin in the street. Needless to say its been awhile since his days as a child star. He looked a mess. He looked scruffy. I feel like being a child star really takes a toll. Home Alone used to be my favorite movie. Here’s a recent pic of him.

Where’s He Been?

DADDY Lumba bahaha for Ghanaians’ enjoyment! Where has Daddy Lumba been? He seemed to have taken a backseat after his days of fame with Dr. Panee. Someone posted this on Facebook and I had the best laugh!