Foolish Man Brings Entertainment to Time Square!

Recently I was in Times Square and I noticed that there was even more of a sidewalk jam than usual people were just standing still. As I walked closer to the heart of the square I noticed a lot of police vehicles and amongst all the tourists I saw a man in a business suit, sitting down, legs crossed, with a cup of joe calmly taking in the show compared the visitors bobbing there heads and holding up cameras to get a better look. I asked him what was going on and he goes ” Some drunk guy was running from the cops and then he decided to climb up that stop light pole and now the police are attempting to bring him down!” A street in Time Square had to be shut during this rescue/ capture effort. As I walked closer I noticed the man was actually resisting! As the police took one of his legs off he wrapped it back around the pole! Hilarious! and of course it took place in one of the most populated places ever! Thousands were getting a show! Tracy Morgan happened to be one of the masses watching this and posted a funny youtube video. I couldn’t believe he thought he’d escape by shimming up the pole! Oh the things that happen in NY!

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