I went to 106 again recently and I couldn’t help but notice how disconnected Rocsi and Terrence J were. Rocsi seemed to have an unpleasant attitude. It seemed as soon as the camera went off Rosci’s face dropped as she spoke with the staff and had her hair and makeup touched up. Terrence thanked the audience for coming but too felt like he’d rather be somewhere else. It wasn’t genuine as the show has been in the past in which the host really interacted with the audience. I can’t really blame him he’s paid his dues and is really breaking into acting…but lil miss hostess may also be bitter that she’s not on his level. She’s more known for the older men she’s ‘befriending’. But I noticed all this weeks before they announced that they were leaving after 7 years. I’m glad they need hosts fully invested in the program! For more than the last decade its been a haven for music and culture and it starts from the energy given off by the hosts.

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