Momma in Paree


Momma Ro came to visit me in Paris, which meant cute tea and macaroon outings! We went to the famous Cafe Angelina in the 1st arrondissement and had to wait in the line of tourists to get a seat. She of course did not approve of the thick to die for hot chocolate I ordered lol.


Later that day we went by the shops on Rue Montaigne off the Champs and I met Timbaland. I was politely browsing around and he started talking to me. I did a quick side to side glance to ensure he was talking to me lol. He was having a styling appointment and was telling me which shoes he perferred. I was sad I missed the MCHG concert the night before but this encounter definitely made up for it. Only in Paris!



I love this zig zag sweater from Urban Outfitters and leather skirt from Topshop! I wanted to add color to my hair and I was having a hard time finding dye in the hair shops at Strasbourg St. Denis. So I got some developer and put that on my hair for a bit and the color lifted from black to this warmer tone auburn-ish shade.

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