Spring Chicken

This balcony and backdrop was magical. I had to strike a pose! I am wearing an ASOS top and the flowy pants I got from a thrift store called Frip’star in the 4th. It’s amazing. They have a level where all items are 1 euro and this treasure was discovered in the piles.

View of Life

This is the view from Hotel de Marignon off the Champs Elysees. It was unreal! Paris is magnificently ritzy. I’m so thankful for my parents visit I was able to enjoy the city in a new way.

Tea Party

Some days call for being fancy. On this fine evening, I went to  Laduree for tea and macaroons. I do not know how everyone isn’t obsessed with these delicate whipped egg-white meringue and cream filled desserts! It pairs great with Chamomile tea I might add.

Paradis du Fruit

This restaurant is everything!! Its a super fun fruity paradise chain that’s around Paris. I  hope it expands. They have mix and match meals for more affordable prices, a large array of fruity drinks, and delectable sundae desserts!

Paris Round Two!

I came back to Paris for Spring semester, very under the weather and to a treehouse apartment! No exaggeration! I had only see pics on the internet that were cropped and didn’t show the thick stock of wood that ran through the entire apartment. You have to duck in the kitchen to get to the … More Paris Round Two!

Christmas in Paris

    Paris is already too cute and add the holidays and its just on another level! I loved the Christmas fair on the Champs Elysees. I got great photos there for my photo project. Observing people acting naturally is one of the most interesting and refreshing things to do. Here are some of the great sites … More Christmas in Paris

Momma in Paree

Momma Ro came to visit me in Paris, which meant cute tea and macaroon outings! We went to the famous Cafe Angelina in the 1st arrondissement and had to wait in the line of tourists to get a seat. She of course did not approve of the thick to die for hot chocolate I ordered … More Momma in Paree