Paris Round Two!

I came back to Paris for Spring semester, very under the weather and to a treehouse apartment! No exaggeration! I had only see pics on the internet that were cropped and didn’t show the thick stock of wood that ran through the entire apartment. You have to duck in the kitchen to get to the laundry machine and worst of all in the bathroom You have to duck to get to the toilet. I subsequently hit my head on the protruding beam in the bathroom and became scared to stay there. In addition, the bed was a loft which I was aware, but it was extremely high up and the means of getting up there was a small windy staircase. Not to mention, the apartment was on the fifth floor with no elevator, French 4th floor. Luckily, I was able  to move after a month, but it was not an easy process to get out of the full term of lease. The company was not helpful and stated there was nothing wrong with the apartment… I could not. The plus side, the only one really, was being in the 2nd arrondissement near Chatelet in the 1st and the 3rd. Being central versus the 16th arrondisement where I stayed for my first semester was more exciting. I was originally in the 16th because that’s where NYU Paris was located. That area is a really rich area compared to the Upper East Side of the NY with chinchilla clad elderly ladies owning the sidewalks! Of course right when I was departing Paris, NYU would be moving to the 5th arrondisement, where the other universities are located.


I was able to find a new apartment in the 8th just off the Champs Elysees. (true luck) it was small and cozy, but well kept. It also had an elevator and nice landlords which made life so much easier. It was a small studio on the floor owned by a family with staffer apartments, and a few others to be rented out as well. This I only figured out from the constant construction next door that I was never informed would be taking place. lol Things are a little different in France. Nevertheless I had no complaints, I was closer to school, in a wonderful location, and steps from Laduree Tea Room, my favorite haven for maroons.

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