Parisian Spring Style


So after I took out my braids, I had tragic incident of bad weave. lol Funds were tight so it was a combination of a bad senerio going on uptop. I also used a cheap closure and had someone install it that had never done so before! (the worst idea) I was able to watch youtube and learn how to add layers and bangs. On top of this everyday my French teacher commented on my hair. First on how “real it looked” as he walked across the classroom and starred at me like an exhibit..i had to politely grimace and smile. As I added bangs and layers he took notice and eventually said “wow you’ve been changing it. How?”and then asked the class if they liked this style best… I could not.. only the French.  By Spring Break, I had enough.  I took a visit to the 9th and got Marley hair. I once again employed Youtube and Momma’s help to tightly platt the twists. They were super fun! I just tightened them over time. #WannabeRasta

I am also very thankful the weather has warmed up! The red bag and “Hello There” top are from Zara. The skirt I got thrift in the 11th, flats are my favorite from Tory Burch. I snapped in Hotel Marignon off the Champs.

2 thoughts on “Parisian Spring Style

  1. haha your hair adventures sound a tiny bit stressful 😉 love your whole look! ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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