Oh Mona!


The Mona Lisa is located on a central wall in a large rectangular room in the Louvre populated with many other paintings on the perimeter walls. It is smaller than expected probably because you look at it behind a 5 foot barricade. The tourist craze is to get is the selfie with Mona of course. If only selfie sticks had been the rage in 2013. lol When seeing all the other amazing works of art in the Louvre like the magnificant, gignormous coronation of Napoleon, one questions why the Mona Lisa in comparison become of the most famous painted images in the world. it has been reproduced and mimiced so many times. The best probably being the one with Bey/Jay in which Bey’s face was put on Mona!!


Blue Ivy and Jay by Mona! Us normal folks aren’t even allowed to get that close!


Love this! Like everything these days, people had to make their own interpretations on the internet!


Things were taken to far as usual! lol

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