For a class trip with NYU Paris we went to Lyon! It was such a cute town with the river running through. It is an ideal college town with open spaces, garden statutes, and views of the hilly backdrop.




We did a tour through the town that gradually rose higher into the hills and mountains. We stopped at a silk factory. It was so cool to see the minute process of hand painting the fabric to make scarves and such.

At night was had Lyonnais food, which I can honesty say is not for me. We were encouraged to try everything. The dinner was in a cosy family owned restaurant and we passed the food around family-style. Everything from the set up to the offerings is different from traditional French food. It seemed Gaelic (like I even really know what that’s like). We had beans, that were served cold and a lil hard, with potatoes, I wanna say cow intestine, and peas. For dessert there were a series of flan and rice pudding texture options. The consistency of these foods is not my preference! I actually eventually got sick and so I did not include photography of the food!



The next day we ventured to Tain L’Hermitage which was a small town in the hill region where we went to a vineyard. The view from the top of the vineyard is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. We got to go by the perfectly lined grape plants, where I of course snuck a try and it was delicious. I also stopped for this adorable pic.


Afterwards, we had a wine and chocolate tasting where we tasted delicious and rich red and white wines paired with chocolates. A certain chocolate degree of dark, milk, or fruit flavor was placed on the tongue to be melted with the wine. The other meals of the trip I found delcious including the restaurant continental breakfast which we all agreed was more favorable than the traditional dinner lol. I had delicious duck in the cutest riverside restaurant.


2 thoughts on “Lyon

  1. Though you were´t so much into the food, your photos of dishes & the hilly landscape around Lyon come out really beautifully! So sorry you got even sick :-(, hope you´ve recovered !!

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