Tourist Life

During the spring semester, I took two musuem courses which meant i got to spend hours talking in the famous art of Paris. My three hours in the Louvre every other week paid off cause I was able to take my parents to see some of the most famous pieces including Mona. I had to … More Tourist Life

Street Art in Paris

  Paris has some amazing street artist, from painters, magicians, dancers, and all else in between. I participated in the photography club at NYU Paris in order to get experience with photo-taking and I made my semester long project – life on the sidewalks of Paris. In Place du Louvre, which is a square right … More Street Art in Paris

Oh Mona!

The Mona Lisa is located on a central wall in a large rectangular room in the Louvre populated with many other paintings on the perimeter walls. It is smaller than expected probably because you look at it behind a 5 foot barricade. The tourist craze is to get is the selfie with Mona of course. … More Oh Mona!