Tourist Life



During the spring semester, I took two musuem courses which meant i got to spend hours talking in the famous art of Paris. My three hours in the Louvre every other week paid off cause I was able to take my parents to see some of the most famous pieces including Mona. I had to take more tourist pics.  Regardless of all the time I spent in the Louvre, I still haven’t seen everything! I never get tired of looking at the art as the museum,  a former palace, is a piece of art itself with amazing ceilings.

IMG_3893Finally got a better selfie attempt with Mona lol!


For one of my classes, we studied Louis XIV rise of power and how he represented himself, so we studied his sun room. I went back to take pics of the great ceiling artwork. Here is momma in the room! DSCF2754DSCF2758

Here is one of corner paintings that depicts the great Louis XIV and the cute geometric garden outside the window. The room itself is symbolic in its positioning adjacent to the Seine. Louis believed he was the sun king so light hits the gold adorned room from many angles.


A Day at the Louvre is a day well spent!

I wore my favorite trousers I got for a euro at Frip’star thrift store in the 4th!

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