Lupita Lupita

images (7) images (6) download (1)   Lupita N’yongo is such an inspiration! Throughout award show season she slayed with her elegance, raditating sweet as coco complexion and warm demeanor. She won our attention during her “12 Years a Slave” award show sweep. I loved how she mentioned in her acceptance speech that she acknowledged how someone else’s pain brought her so much joy in her life, in reference to the real Patsy, who she portrayed. Although her appearance in the film was short, it is her strong presence that captured Hollywood’s attention. The red cape Ralph Lauren dress she wore to the Golden Globes, is one of the best fashion moments in recent years!  I love how she also said in her Best Supporting Actress Award speech, “No matter where you’re from your dreams are valid!” that sent a tingle to my heart! There’s something special about herand I love that the industry and public has been taken by her fresh quality.  Can’t wait to see in her in something else!

e. ralph laurenFlawless! This rich red on her beautiful self was perfect!

download (2)Love this photo of the 12 Year’s A Slave ensemble and Director Steve Mcqueen winning the Best Picture Oscar. Click those heels Steve, Click those heels!

download (3)

Ellen did a great job hosting the Oscars! Her selfie was amazing! It became the most retweeted Twitter photo! The starpower in this photo! She made the show not so bougie with her fun vibe and the pizza delivery too! Sidenote Lupita’s younger brother is living, he even got in there!

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