DJ Prostyle Birthday Bash

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When I saw this I was on my way to DJ Prostyle’s Birthday Bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom. I knew I’d be in for a ethnic buffet but I wasn’t prepared for the large serving of rachet I got! -_- The line was incredibly long. The ballroom is nothing like a ballroom to say the least. It was an old style theater with balconies and the floor was an unsurfaced mess. Perfect for the occasion. It was standing room tickets. Sure enough fights I’m talking bloodily participants, drunk chic as nearly passing out, passing that blunt, pushing, drank spilling, those guys who wearing dark sunglasses, slowly vibing back and forth, sippin their drank ( you know can’t see squat!), and canoodling. I saw a lost hot pink stiletto -I can’t- just Messy! On top of this show in the audience, err body was on the stage I’m talking fifty people up in the dj booth and enclosing the stage. At one point it took about 3o MINUTES for 10 PEOPLE out of mass to leave after being told the show would not go on! These moments of no entertainment continued I just couldn’t believe that when the show was stopped no one would leave the stage. Sir you ain’t no body! SECURITY (Evelyn Snap) was even called and still people remained!

The performers were Ace Hood, Diggy (love love love himmmm he was a surprise), Wale (Why I attended yes yes), the Breakfast Club came through (love them), DJ Prostyle (hosting of course), Waka Flaka (whose wild antics influenced the brawl in the audience), Cash Out (who sings Cashin Out), Travis Porter (wouldn’t recognize them on the street which is weird cause their songs are so big -PR team needs to work on that), Drank in My Cup Singer (Kirko Bangz- I  had to look up his name lol), Akon (was a surprise as well), French Montana, and Fabulous. Dj Prostyle kept saying how Tyga was there but after the thirty minute wait they brought out Fab and said there was limited time Fab said we should bring Tyga out too, but then they didn’t so it ended with a quick FAb set beucase it had to end at midnight!!! Tyga came and didn’t get to perform shambles!!! I wasn’t expecting it to be on this level of a mess because it was for such a country famous radio station its something I expect and experience in Tallynasty hehe…. I came home reeking of weed!! DJ Prostyle is a really famous DJ he does afternoons and 106 often! Gotta do betta Power 105.1! Gotta Do Betta!

here’s my video of Diggy ❤


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