Life is But a Dream!

tumblr_micidtNTLO1qmxesxo1_250I thoroughly enjoyed Bey’s documentary! It made me super excited to see her this summer on the Mrs. Carter World Tour. I literally was on the Beyhive site for 5 hours to get VIP tickets!(My devotion is unreal) I’ll be seeing her highness in her home state of Texas around the 4th of July.

The Oprah interview that preceded def did not go deep enough! In fact it only skimmed the water. Mrs. O should have asked about the family drama surrounding Papa Knowles and his love child. If she had been interviewing anyone else, she would have probed for more information! We all want the tea! Even the associated press at Beyonce’s Superbowl Press Conference asked much deeper questions and she answered all of them!

The  HBO documentary I thought was very good. I liked that she began with her relationship with her father. I also liked that it chronicled her last album opening. I really enjoyed that there was the inclusion of the interview at her Hamptons house. This added a diff element to the mostly self shot documentary. The parts with her and Jay was too cute! When they sang “Yellow” by Coldplay to each other it was too cute! I found it magical when  she spoke on the rumors of her faking her pregnancy and opening up about a miscarriage and how she would never fake a pregnancy because  she feels it would insult the gift of being a mother. ( I Love!) Blue Ivy’s cameo at the end was the icing on the cake!!

Overall I feel I’m even more in love (if that’s even possible)! I don’t know what’s in the Carter-Knowles blood but that fam is impecc! Jules is so talented at his young age!

I heard this was the highest watch documentary of its kind on the channel in over 10 years! I also heard it took a while for the network to pick it up! They clearly made the smart choice!

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