This year’s Grammy’s were by far the most entertaining in long while. The highlight was not a big awards upset to a nonmainstream artist. This year proved to be what the majority of popular culture wants to enjoy seeing the biggest names that surf the radio waves front and center celebrating the glitz, glam, rock and roll and maybe even a little nasty excitement of the music industry.  My top ten parts of the awards!


1). Riri was all over the Grammy’s. She took us back to her ‘Pon de Replay’ days with her classic styled ombre locks and fierce custom red flowly Alaia gown . She gave obvious Breezy influenced rendition of ‘Stay’ and sounded impecc as she clearly channeled this real emotion. She was photographed in the cutest pose with Breezy with her head on her shoulder making you forget what proceeded this event just a few short years ago! Then she tributed her idol Mr. Marley himself her fellow islander in the tribute! It was kinda weird the tribute started with a Bruno Mars performance but that unfortunately took away from the magic of the tribute with the Marley brothers as well.It needed more time!


2.)Frank Ocean on stage! His presence in the music industry was cemented with his two wins. What was very clear though is he is quite awkward. Yes he probably was nervous as this is his entrance into main stream fame but still. He make side eye worthy comments and gave an off performance.


3.)CBreezy’s white suit. You love  to hate him but then you see him styling in all white decked out in Lanvin and you can’t help but rememeber why you love him. The gifs of him not standing up for Frank’s triumph over him for R&B album was quite comical. At least he clapped and my boy Miguel didn’t stand either. Word is he didn’t actually strike Frank anyway.


4.) Black and White Bey! Momma Bey decided for some reason to come in a casual black and white one piece with slick back hair. Bey at least give us the luscious curls and a few hair flips if you’re not gonna give us the usual glamour. She was seen kneeling to her fellow majesty Adele and chatting up Drake. She took cute posed pics with her Gram win and she also photobombed a reporter on the red carpet with a tongue out! (why is she so presh?) She also had a cute intro of Justin with Ellen. That brings me to:


5.)Boob City- Katy Perry was not playin. I don’t recall her being nominated and she still wanted to insure she was in Grammy convo. She did not falter. the highlarious pic of Ellen staring at her tatas was one of the best of the night. She was also seen lovingly with John Mayer. Wonder how long that will last.

6.) Swap Meet Backstage- “I wanna thank the swap meet for that hat” -Mr. HOV himself. He’s never one not to have a catchy line. The Roc was seen swigging back his endorsed D’Ussey Cognac in the audience (notice he’s always the one to have liq in the front row of an award show) The Dream looked a fool. Why did he think wearing a series of black tops, gold chains, tight leather pants, a parental advisor scully, and then on top of that already hurricane of an outfit, a Boyz in Da Hood Snapback? Why? not only to music’s biggest night in which the hip hop culture has to shine next to other genres, but sitting with the throne watchers the Carters. Shame on you Mr. Terrius Nash. PS It was hilar seeing the pic of Jay pouring his D’Ussey into one of his 3 WTT wins!! Wish Yezzy was  there to accept it as well! He’s always upset or boycotting something and he was recognized! His 20 something Grammy’s I cant!



7.) Kaledescope- Miguel was getting very literal with his unnecessarily short performance that involved himself and Wiz Khalifia both in obnioux printed black and white suits. He softened ears with an amazing Adorn, but the short performance was made even shorter with the Wiz cameo.


8.)”I don’t know who you are, but that was the sexiest thang”- an over excited Kelly Clarkson insulted and complemented  Miguel all at the Same D Time. She clearly was excited and it makes matters worse that they are label mates! Once again the black music culure is still continuing to become fully mainstream and Miguel here was a positive for the culture drawing the attention of a different genre artist -ahem Mr. Shawty You a ten.


9.)Outdated Rap- The show ended with a character filled performance from LL. Mr. Cool J we all love you acknowledge you as a pioneer for hiphop, actor, tight bodied man but no no. The shows ending with your performance left us quite puzzled.


10. The Slit from da Block- Mrs. on the six JLO came ready the Grammy’s. She abided as she claimed by the redic outfit standards that ommited slit talk by appearing a black dress with one side lookin like it was a leotard. The audience reaciton as she walked out was priceless. Drake was seen evoking his emotion, Jay-z seemed to loosen his tie, and even Quincy Jones was seen whispering something. How is over 40 mama is fly!


Bonus::Didn’t deserve just a number! My man Justin’s Black and White Performance was impecc! 20/20 Experience I’m ready for you! Yes thank you Lord! Loved that Jay spit his 16!

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