Yeezus has arrived!


Kanye West has made a cultural statement again by dropping his latest artistic work ‘Yeezus!’ He of course had to title the provactively titled piece with an out of the ordinary presentation! He played his ‘New Slaves’ video around the globe at night shows, had a short notice album party at a warehouse of Milk Studios with labels of everything covered in his red duct tape to further his message about labels, commercial culture, and capitalism. Just so deep I  love! Along with this is the plain CD cover that he wants to be decorated with graffiti! He also had no problem if it leaked which it did! He clearly wrote this album as a message! I enjoyed all the songs! Very deep messages especially ‘Blood on the Leaves’! This is quite an exciting few days for Mr.-I’m-Not-a-Celebrity-Don’t-Take-No-Pics-Don’t-Say-Anything:  his baby girl arrived, then his first father’s day, and his offical album release! Yeezus is still reigning!

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