Grammys Social Statements


I enjoyed Beyonce’s socially conscious, “Take my Hand Lord” performance at the Grammys. The men, black men I should add, in all white doing the ‘hands up don’t shoot gesture’ was incredibly powerful.

It was a little bit of a sticky situation as Ledisi who gave a great rendition on the Selma soundtrack said she was snubbed for the performance. 

What was not socailly conscious was perhaps Kanye’s rant about Beck taking home Album of the Year. It was funny when he half went up on stage to what we thought was in a comedic fashion . The crowd’s reaction, in particular Jay-Z’s, was too funny. After the awards, Kanye like clock-work procceeded to go on a rant about ‘Beck and the Grammys’ not appreciating the artisty’. “We ain’t finna play with them no more” he exclaimed during the E! After party. lol as Kim just stood there with looking pretty. He was foreal. It is true the Beyonce album was incredibly innovative, but as we’ve seen over the years, the Grammy’s use an interesting means of deciding the highest award. On top of this, Kanye heard a little of Beck’s album later and actually liked it. Oh Kanye!

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