DIY: Fly Nails

New Nails, Who dis?

It seems like most chicas head to the salon for all their manicures and color changes, but I love DIY nails. Here are the nails that I currently have. The polish is ‘Petal Pushers’ by Essie and I used Kiss Nail Art to do the designs.

Blank space nails are a popular trend and here is my first attempt.  On the middle finger, I used tape across half the nail. Then I painted the uncovered part of the nail and over the tape. I waited for it to dry then I removed the tape and used the Kiss Nail Art polishes in black and white to do a design. With practice,  you can get better at using the skinny brushes that work best with a light stroke like a thin paint brush. I will definitely try this trend again and try and leave more of the ‘blank space’ or unpolished area of the nail visible.

A good top coat is essential to painting your nails. I love the Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat. It has a great luster and it is quick dry. The bottle says it dries in 60 seconds. It does dry nails quickly, but I don’t think quite that fast. It is essential to reapply top coat everyday or every other day to preserve the polish and prevent chips. I also like to do nails before bed or before watching something to allow them to dry.

These pink nails I had in October. I was #PaintedPink all month to support Breast Cancer Awareness and my sister’s nonprofit campaign, Painted Pink. I used Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy polish in light pink and Sonia Kushak of Target polish in hot pink, zig zag nail polish stencil stickers, and gold glitter polish by Maybelline. To achieve the zig zag design, I first painted the nail light pink. After it dried, I applied the stickers and went over them with the darker pink shade. I let them dry and then carefully removed the stickers and added top coat. For the gold glitter nails, I painted the nails light pink and went over them with a couple coats of glitter polish. Glitter polish is a little tricky because it takes a few coats to get a visible amount on. The trick is to apply a few event coats and to avoid getting clumpy and uneven areas on the nail. An alternative would be  to use loose nail glitter after applying polish and then shaking off the excess. This method calls for a little more precision and is better used to add glitter to just a section of the nail rather than all over.

Would you do DIY nail art?

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