Marie Clicquot: a Personalized Bridal Shower on a Budget

Today I’m sharing tips about how I put together my sister’s bridal shower while on a budget.

First, I knew I wanted to do a personalized theme because it’s so inexpensive to get a logo made and customized labels online. I had seen so many Veuve Clicquot parties on Instagram and decided on that especially because my sister loves yellow. I think that’s key when planning a shower, an aspect of the theme has to be true to the bride. I had the logo made on Fiverr, by sending the designer a Veuve Logo to amend. My sister’s name, Ann-Marie, is French so I thought going with Marie Clicquot was perfect!

I pinned a bunch of Clicquot inspiration on Pinterest. Then I went to Vista Print and Zazzle to create bottle labels-most important for this theme-, pins for the bridal party, bride and mother of the bride; labels and place cards. These sites always have sales going on and they stock some of the same items so I compared prices.


The piece that brought everything together was the customized cups. My family friend had them made in China for the low. Having one personalized touch, especially one that can be a souvenir makes the shower extra special.


To save money, I decided to host it at Momma Rose’s and ordered tables and chairs. This helped when it came to decor because I was able to use vases, silk flowers and things that my mom had in the house for centerpieces. If you can host the shower at someone’s house it’s good way to go to allocate more money to details.


From my research, a lot of Veuve parties have a tropical theme. I loved that vibe so majority of my decor was palm leaves. I got a pack of 48 from Amazon.

For the bridal party table, I spray painted papier-mâché letters of my sister’s initials from Hobby Lobby. The only real flowers that I had were an arrangement on her table.

To stay on theme, I added little touches like yellow fans that I found on sale for $3 at Oriental Trading and I added logo stickers. I also got a parasol for the photo wall, which my family friend put together. She already had the grass and frame then used paper to make the flowers and card stock to write Mrs. Swatson. Custom backdrop labels can be pricey on Etsy so making it yourself is a good idea. I loved how it turned out!


Fruits used for decor look fancy. I added lemons, limes, oranges to the table setting and to the gallery shelves.

Making ice cubes with flowers or rose petals is another cheap but fancy looking addition. I didn’t have small flowers so I used faux gold rose petals that momma had and real white petals from my bouquet.

Use what you have! My mom told me to use these Louis Vuitton boxes and I just taped a logo on it and it looked so cute next to the bride’s chair for gift time.

I saw these hula hoop wreaths all over Pinterest and knew that I had to attempt it. It wasn’t not complicated to make. I got a hula hoop for $.54 cents at Wal-Mart– I miss the deals so much living in NY. Then we blew up the “Love” ballon from Amazon. We taped green vine (borrowed) and palm leaves and used ribbon to tie it to the curtain rod.

I used tulle to tie a bow on the bride’s chair along with a $4 bride-to-be sign from Party City. I also put tulle on a couple balloons to jazz them up, but realized I didn’t take a picture.

It’s a little hard to see, but I made a welcome sign with the countdown to the wedding on it in Canva to keep it on theme and make it cheaper than some I saw on Etsy. I had it printed as a poster at a local print shop. My sister’s reaction to the theme was priceless!


I used an assortment of chargers and placemats, some were borrowed and I mix and matched them on the tables. Seeing what you can borrow is always a big money saver. I also borrowed a couple white table cloths.

For utensils, I used gold plastic ones. The gold shade makes them look more expensive and we used plastic plates that came with the catering. The placecards I ordered from Zazzle were really business cards, but I managed to write everyone’s name on them.


I had the groom write “why Marie Clicquot” was his favorite champagne. This is a sweet touch and just a couple dollars to do. I printed the letter and used a dollar store frame. I had the bride read it at the beginning of the shower and she was so surprised to learn that it was written by the groom when she got to the end. I also did a game in which the bride had the guess the groom’s answers to questions I had him answer.


I got this $7 candle label from Etsy and put it on a candle at Homegoods. This is a great gift idea that will touch the bride and not break the bank.


I kept seeing custom cookies on Instagram and knew that I wanted to include them. I love how these turned out.

I decided to get a plain cake and decorate it, similar to my birthday cake. I ordered a caramel cake from Piece of Cake and then topped it with a cake topper, a bouquet of flowers from Michaels that was on sale, and green leaves. This is a great way to cut cake costs.

I also had cupcakes and a small buntini from Nothing Bundt. I only know of this bakery in Atlanta and it’s so delicious. Think moist bundt cake in cupcake form. When first thinking of bundt cakes I think old-fashioned, but this company has fun decor and flavors. The cake topper and cupcake sticks came in a pack on Amazon and the acrylic ‘Love‘ was from Party City.


A bridal shower isn’t complete without games. We played 5, He put a Ring on it, so fun and interactive with the gummies and chopsticks; Would the Bride Rather?, Find the Guest, encourages guests to mingle; and Do you remember the time?, guests write a story with the bride and she has to guess the author as it’s read, and the last game was Guess the Groom’s answers. To customize them and with the intention of saving money, I researched games on Pinterest and then made templates in Canva. I printed them in color, in hindsight I would have made them black and white because we had about 30 guests and it added up.


One of the biggest takeaways from this experience as a maid of honor hosting is to lean on bridesmaids and family for support because there’s so much to be done. My sister’s A-Team helped with supplies and set up in the AM. What I didn’t realize is how long starting to set up the night before would take. Luckily my cousin was there to assist. If you can, definitely assemble bridesmaids early to get things out of the way.


I found this lace fluted sleeve dress from ASOS. It was on sale for $34 and I got an extra 20% in their MLK sale- pay attention to their emails; they had another on Super Bowl Sunday. I felt so elegant! All of the bridesmaids wore light pink and these cute gold headbands. My oversized flower earrings are from Bauble Bar and orange pumps are Jimmy Choo.

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