Matching set under $20

Hey blog hey,

Do you shop SHEIN? The online shop has nearly every new trend for the low. I’ve found some great gems like this set on the site. Nevertheless, I have to mention there have been some things I’ve ordered that looked different than the website, or were ill-fitting, or low quality. That’s the risk you take to have that new new without breaking the bank. Most likely the pieces you get won’t be closet staples, but they’re perfect for getting the latest styles.

Can you believe that I got this set for $12.80! Finding clothes under $20 warms my heart. I got it during the Black Friday. It’s currently $18 but it looks like there’s a promotion going on. (Get it HERE)

I love the wrap top float and fit of the pants. Momma told me it looked like I was wearing pajamas!

I wore this in Accra for lunch at Coco Lounge. The restaurant is so cute!

They had balloons and other holiday decor in addition to the already cute interior decorating.

I paired with this straw clutch that’s in my Etsy.

Here are other sets under $20 from the shop:

This, that one, this one too

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