Maid of Honor: Traditional Engagement

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I started the year out with a celebration of love! My sister had her traditional wedding in Ghana and I had my first round of Maid of Honor duties for #AnnWillSayIDo.

Traditional Bridesmaids Activity

Leading up to the ceremony, I planned a pre-activity with her traditional bridesmaids that came from the US for the festivities. We went to Royal Senchi Resort in Akosombo for a boat ride on Lake Volta. I highly recommend it! It’s inexpensive and breathtaking views. I personalized champagne bottles and cups with stickers of her wedding logo and got everyone colored visor.

The Big Day

The ceremony took place at my family’s home in Accra. To make the morning special for my sister, I added a bride-to-be banner on her bed. Momma Rose and I greeted her in the morning and we threw paper pom poms on the bed. I think they’re fun alternative to balloons.

Gift for the bride

For her gift, I got her personalized cuff bracelet that has her wedding hashtag #AnnWillSayIDo on the front and her white wedding date on the inside.

I got ready with her in her room and the 21 traditional bridesmaids got ready in the guest house anticipating the bride’s reveal. And a reveal it was! Because guests had started to arrive, we put a sheet over my sister and walked her over there. I loved the way our group photos came out! The fans were such a perfect touch.

The Look:

My seamstress Sandra made my outfit and Momma Rose added appliqué and feathers at the bottom. While I loved the high neck and length, my dress was a match against the Ghana heat! I paired it with these Gianvito Rossi heels. All of the bridesmaids wore gold heels and chose their own style for the emerald lace.

I loved my sissy’s outfits! Kente is our traditional fabric that we wear for special occasions. It is hand woven and it took about three months to weave the bride and groom’s. The patterns and colors have meaning and reign from different villages.

The ceremony:

For the traditional engagement there are two sides, one for the groom’s side and one for the bride’s. Guests wore white which is Ghanaians’ go-to shade for occasions. I love seeing a crowd in all white! The groom’s family has to deliver a large number of gifts for the bride. Will is Fante, another tribe so their traditions are slightly different from our Ashanti ones. They had traditional girls carrying in the gifts on their heads adorned in festive garb including enhanced backsides. Everyone who entered was greeted with drummers at the door. Once the families sat, the groom entered with his traditional groomsmen.

For the bride’s entrance, we did the Adowa dance, the traditional dance with an emphasis on hand motions that goes to the beat of drums. Leading up to the time, we practiced quite a bit to get it down. Our line of 21 was made up of my sisters’ friends from the US and cousins. The order was aunties, followed by half the girls, Adowa dancers, the bride, followed by myself and the remaining gals. Before entering the house, we made a circle around my sister and sprayed her with money as the drummers played. We entered the house continuing the Adowa and greeted the family. Thankfully all the bridesmaids got to go upstairs, remove our shoes and watch the rest of the ceremony from there.

My dad asked my sister 3 times if she was sure she wanted to be given away. The last time she answered in “Twi” the Ashanti language which was met with praises from the crowd. After the ceremony, we exited with the couple and surrounded them in another Adowa circle…. then it was party time!

Now my sissy is seen as married in our culture! I can’t believe it! It was an amazing day of family and friends and a celebration of love!

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