Valentines Look: DIY Feathered Heel

It’s almost Valentine’s/ Galentine’s Day and I’m excited to finally share my DIY feathered heel and this red dress as the perfect outfit to mark the occasion. You can’t always buy something new so why not remix a pair of shoes and dress that you already have?

I posted the simple DIY video in December of how to glue feathered trimming to a pair of heels for a chic look. Feathers are really in and this DIY is an inexpensive alternative to the Prada’s and Nada’s (replicas).

In addition, I wore this red fitted maxi again and mixed it up by tying a jean shirt over it. Such a simple addition can give it a new look. I paired it with my favorite heart sunnies and this Givenchy clutch that was a January sale find. It’s no longer on sale, but here’s the link. To top it off, I’m wearing my pink and red tier tassels that are in my shop. (tassels in the flatlay are also in my Etsy)


-Strappy shoe

-feather trim

-hot glue/ super glue


The material list and time it takes are not much! I used a shoe that I found on sale for $19 on ASOS. The trim is from Amazon and I used hot glue.

1. Take the trimming and accordion fold it into an inch or so thickness a few times. Then cut the trimming once it’s a few folds thick.

2. Glue the folded trim onto the right side of the top of heel.

3. Add glue in the folds of the trimming to make sure it’s secure.

4. Repeat on the right side of the heel.

5. Repeat the steps on the other shoe and then fluff the feathers.

Voilà a chic looking pair of heels!

Feathers added to anything makes it look fancy. I love that I went with an ankle tie shoe for added drama. This look is fun for the holiday of love and it won’t cause you to buy a new pair of shoes or outfit!

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