DIY Holiday Centerpiece

Here’s a fun and inexpensive table addition, that you can put together in a couple of minutes and it looks more luxe than the input!… my kinda DIY. I got the inspiration from Pinterest.

What you need:

-Small vase

-Pack of cranberries, I grabbed a second package while Thanksgiving shopping

-Fresh White Flowers- I used white daisy pom flowers. Picture I saw used white roses. For Christmas that would be so lovely!

  1. Pour all of the cranberries into the vase.
  2. Cut the flowers, decide if you want to leave an inch or two on the stem so it sticks into the cranberries.
  3. Add a bit of water to the vase and voila a cute centerpiece!

Additionally you could add a ribbon around the vase to make it more formal and you can keep it on the table well after the holiday.

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