DIY Personalized Tablescape

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday! I love creating and sitting down to a yummy meal with the family… and the sales to follow. As the table is the focal point, I’m sharing a way to personalize the tablesetting for the low.

My sister who is a event planner and created the tablesetting for this Slice of Sasha Pie x AMA Experience collab.

While you have a seat at the table these little cards make it an interactive and personable experience to share, laugh, and reflect on the meaning of the holiday; our giving of thanks!

To create the cards, I used Canva. I have the app on my phone and you can also use the desktop site. I searched Thanksgiving templates. Found this cute table overlay one and added in cute questions and your family last name “Appiah Thanksgiving”. I don’t have a printer, so I printed it at the local print shop on card stock. In all, this cost $1.99 for the template  ( guess I don’t have premium so had to pay) and a whopping $.79 to print at the shop. So for $3 max, you can have a special addition to the table. This would be fun to do for Xmas and New Year’s, especially because it could be reflective on the past year and new year’s goals.

Other table tips: Be sure to use a table cloth, to minimize clean up and potential scratching from chargers etc. The table runner is also super helpful for not only pulling the look together, but also in case you put food pans on the table, it serves as a surface protector. The pumpkins are from Homegoods and were $5.99! I love the gold one, it has potpourri in the center. The turkey candles are from Stein Mart.


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