DIY Hair Color

Hair is not my ministry, but I can manage to color my weave. Wearing extensions is usually my hair staple, but as I still haven’t found a stylist in NY, I’ve only done it once in ATL. Due to the distance, I got it installed by @enastyles, but had to do the color myself when I returned to NY.

Dark red, bright red, blue, blonde- when I was in college, I dyed my hair the gament. It’s been a couple of years, but I managed to create this “all spice” look. The hair is from D Hair Boutique. I’ve been wearing this hair since 2015 and I love the Malaysian hair. I’m wearing two bundles of 14/16″, and a closure. I tried the one as D-Hair and was disappointed in how in how quickly the hairs came out, so I only wore it a couple of times. This was my first time using Vanity Box and I like it better.

To start the dye process, I had to bleach the hair first. I’m not going to lie, dying your hair at home can be messy.

What I used:

2 packets of L’Oreal Quick Blue Bleach

30 Developer

Hair mixing bowl

Hair coloring brush



Old Towels

Hair color in “All Spice”- used this warm L’Oreal color

It is much easier and less cumbersome to dye your tracks before they’re installed, but here’s how to do it if they’ve already been installed. -For this reason, I wasn’t able to get pictures of the process.

1. Place all materials on an old towel and wear disposable gloves. According to the bleach instructions, create a ratio between the powder bleach and the developer in the mixing bowl. I used 30 developer because the hair was quite dark (see below). Usually a 20 developer is recommended. The scent is strong so no need over inhale!

2. Place a piece of foil under a section of hair and clip back the rest. The foil should be bent in half around the hair, so once bleach is applied you close the foil around the hair. Using the brush apply bleach on the hair. The amount depends on how much lift you desire. Once finished, wrap the foil around the section of hair.

3. Repeat on other sections. You’ll notice as you close sections that you’ll feel warmth. Quick Blue, as it’s name suggests works very quickly. You can feel the chemical reaction taking place, so you’ll want to move quickly, but don’t rush! Be sure to pace the amount of your bleach you apply. You could use more on the top of hair for instance, but don’t want to run out when you get to the bottom. I didn’t measure super well – forgot the importance of this-, but it resulted in more of a highlighted look because certain spots got more bleach love.

4. Wash it out and follow with conditioner to ensure it’s all out. Then you have to blow dry the hair. To add the hair color the hair needs to be dry. When I looked in the mirror I was shocked- that bleach really took! Some areas were super blonde. If this happens remember that the hair color will tone it down. I didn’t want to blow dry the the hair too much and was doing this in the midnight hours, so I slept with the hair up to further dry it.

5. Applying the color- In the morning when the hair was dry, so the color would take, I mixed the “all-spice” color with the developer in the 2 to 1 ratio with the washed mixing bowl and brush. Using the foil method again, I fully applied the color to the sections of hair. you want to ensure that all of the super blonde pieces are covered. Be careful with the hair dye, as it is permanent; it drips and stains! Use extra old towels for the work area…. learned the hard way (as if this was my first time dying my hair lol)

6. After 30 minutes or so, I checked on the color progress by opening the foil sections and seeing the color change. Once it looked ready, I removed them and washed the dye out and followed with a good shampoo and condition. Because the weave was installed, I was sure to wash between the braids as well, to ensure no dye got in there. Also you want to wash well enough to remove the dye smell from the hair. Follow with desired styling.

As you can see, not a perfect job, but once stylized, it looked like highlights. With just a bit of time you can do the same and save some bucks.

I finally tried this pj, silk look. I got the jumpsuit from Naked Wardrobe and this beaded choker is in my shop. – It’s one of my favs.

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