DIY: 5 Steps for making Tassel Sandals 

This past week’s flash of summer heat gave way for few more sandal days.(Praises) I saw these tassel style sandals on the gram and so on my last trip to the trimming shop (where I get my trims for chokers) I picked up some fringe. This DIY didn’t take long at all and it can be done in 5 easy steps. 

I love how these look so quality and the materials were so inexpensive, all together it was about $20 including the shoes! 
What I used: 

Plain Sandals– these were on sale for $13 

Fringe trimming- this one was $1.95 a yard! Got two yard from M&J Trimming, but you can find at any craft store. You can also use a thicker tassel with a thicker band, but its more expensive.

Pompons- $4 for a large pack from Amazon, cause I was lazy to go to Michaels,but I’d recommend grabbing at local craft shop.


-Glue Gun- and Gorilla glue to reinforce 


5 Steps: 
1. Starting at the back of the sandal band, position the fringe how it will fit across the width of the shoe, then begin gluing it down and adding a smidge of gorilla glue to reinforce it ( it’s so strong that I glued my scissors together by accident…RIP to them). When you get to the end cut the trimming.

2. Then move the fringe so it’s out of the way and lay another strip of the trimming. Be sure to make the row close enough to the first one to avoid holes in between the two. -Especially if your sandal color is not black like mine. It will be seen a bit.- Reinforce with a couple drops of super glue. 
3. Repeat this step again for a third and forth layer of the trimming.
4. To top it off, glue pompons along the edge of the sandal and reinforce it with super glue. Then repeat the same steps on the other sandal.
5. Try it on to get an idea of how much fringe is hanging. Then give the sandal a good trimming to ensure that it’s not sweeping the floor. 

 I can’t wait to do this DIY again with a different trimming, maybe on a pair of more fall appropriate shoes. 

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