Slice of 25: Ankara and Matching Tops

It wouldn’t be a girls trip without matching fits! I’m in love with this look that my sissy came up with! I’ve seen her do shirts for Bachelorettes but never a custom logo. (@amaexperience) She had my logo transformed into “Slice of Twenty Five”. This way everyone could continue to wear it, as we all turn 25 this year! I also love how we paired it with Ankara bottoms. It paired well with the quaint background of the French Quarter.

We started the day by taking the trolley around. This was my first time in Nola and I loved how the culture had been so well preserved. Fun fact New Orleans is 300 this year; we both celebrated big milestones.

I was expecting a regular T-shirt but I LoVE the off the shoulder tops and my ruffle crop. Catch me in this all year!

I also made every gal a pair of tassels. My new ones are solid colors, yellow, black, and white. They will be in my shop this week. I wore mine with blue tassels which are currently available.

Much to my pleasure Momma Ro made me my skirt. I love this particular print. I’m looking forward to wearing more prints this summer. I also will be adding skirts to my Etsy.

I topped it off with my DIY black fringe and pompom sandals from last summer and this lucite bag that I got for $21.99 on Amazon.

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