Floral Matching Set

Here’s another look for my birthday Girls Trip in NOLA. We took in the sips, sights, sounds , and savors of the French Quarter. I,of course, had to get one of those test tube long drinks (don’t know the proper name). We had beignets, I couldn’t believe they were $3 and that the menu was just coffee and beignets. Usually tourist places hike up the prices, so I loved how they stuck to the basics.


There’s something about matching sets and patterns that are forever wardrobe must-haves. I found this fun set at Nasty Gal for $35 with they’re ongoing half-off sale. That sale has really blessed my closet this year! I’m very thankful that the site was acquired; it’s become so much more affordable. They constantly switch between promotions so watch for the 50% off sale to be on.

Instead of just tying the straps around my waist, I also tied it around my neck to spice it up. I will say that you’re unable to wear a bra because the top is so small, so I would maybe size up. I’m not gonna lie, because I added the tie around my neck, I almost had a slip once or twice… Nevertheless, I do love this outfit and how the pants flare a bit. High waisted flare pants are a staple for summer. They are flattering to the figure, emphasis the smallest part of your waist and go well with crop tops. I’m trying to grab a pair or two in the Zara sale. I also an in LOVE with my Slice of Twenty Five tote that sissy made me.

The houses in the French Quarter were so cute, colorful, quaint, and had the splendor of yesteryear. It was giving me major “No Angel” Beyoncé vidéo vibes. I’m so glad I finally got to experience the magic of NOLA.

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