Ankara Off the Shoulder Top

Hi blog hey,

Today I’m sharing this ankara look. It’s so amazing how patterns I grew up wearing have become so mainstream. Momma Ro used to see my sister and I matching styles, if only it had been “in” to be in touch with your roots when I was a child! It became a big part of my wardrobe in high school, I loved the elastic maxi dresses.

From swimsuits, to headwraps, to Zara and high end designers, African print is in. Regardless, I’m thankful these wax prints are getting the shine they deserve!

Off the shoulder is one style that I can’t imagine ever going out of style and I’m thankful because it enhances the clavicles like no other. I also love a wrap top, it’s a style that can flatter everyone, especially if it has a pronounced sleeve like this. I asked momma to make this for me while she was in Ghana. I love the mix of the primary shades, blue and yellow together. Once of the amazing aspects of traditional prints is the color statements and the stellar mix of shades and patterns.

Because everyone wants African print, a lot of retails hike up the prices -not even referencing the Stella McCartney!



There are so many lovely styles, but be sure to compare prices. Some sellers charge a lot more for the same items.

Hoping Momma will make some that I can add to my Etsy. Some Ankara high waist skirts are soon come and more fans, I sold out! I do have ankara chokers available.


This UK shop has outfits and models that will make you covet them all! Some of my Slice of Twenty Five Girls Trip gang got their Ankara pants from there. (See the post if you haven’t! We paired it with matching tops.)


These jeans are a pair of Topshop Joni. I’ve had them for a bit. They make such good jeans! I just got two new pairs of jeans in their sale. Because they’re quality, it’s best to grab them in the sale so you can get two for the regular price of one, $70-$80. I have to say, I really notice the difference from my Fashionnovas when I wear theirs!

Bamboo bags are for sure the staple statement for summer. Every time I carry it I get complements. Here is the one I got for under $50.

I love these sunnies! They’re also from Amazon and came in a pack of two for $9.99!

These fringe sandals are from Macy’s last summer.

Pearl and gold Choker is new to my shop!

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