Shirt dress and headwrap

Hey blog hey,

Where has July gone? My birthday month is coming to a close! I’m marking the occasion with the topic of shirt dresses. I love that they don’t cling to the body and allow for breeze in this summer climate. They usually entail pockets and with the combination of the structured collar and possibly a belt, you still have a favorable silhouette and it’s not boxy.


The one I’m wearing sold out; here’s it in pink


A white one

A jean one

This one ONLY $11

Warm weather and Ankara go together like no other. To take this look from work to play, I added a headwrap. I used to wear them more often in fun styles and don’t know how I turned away from them. Momma Rose’s signature is a headwrap or scarf. She wears one nearly everyday if her locks aren’t down. I’ve come to know wearing a scarf and lipstick as dressed for the day because of her.

All of sudden, I’m really into hearts. I topped the look off with this heart crossbody from the Zara sale. These sunnies are under $15 and from Amazon. I think these DIY fringe sandals from last summer are my fav summer shoes.

Thanks for reading!

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