White fringe two piece set

For Sips of 25 night of my girls trip, we had a cocktail party. My sister came to NOLA last year for a bachelorette and they used @justinicocktails and they loved it. It was honestly such a blast! We learned to make a variety of drinks, a marg (my fav), a sidecar, a French 75 (so delish), and a cosmo. Then my sister, @amaexperience came up with a “This or That” game to go with the Slice of Twenty Five” theme. I answered what I preferred like those Instagram story templates and everyone guessed. This is such an inexpensive but yet personalized and fun game to do at an event. My favorite one was the 90s tv shows, because I quoted a line for my preferred show. I even sang the “mail” song from Blues Clues Lol. I thoroughly enjoyed and the bartender Jessica was such a good host! She gifted me a shaker and a shot glass, so I’ll have a memento. My sissy also made Slice of Twenty Five coasters and napkins.


I’m wearing this two-piece white fringe set from Meshki boutique. You may have seen the Instagram ads for the Australian site. I discovered a few years ago how dope are the online boutiques down under. They have super fun night out attire and they ship express. I’d been eyeing some of the other styles and then my sissy dm’d me this one and I was sold.




They currently are having 15% off sets. Not sure if there’s too many sizes currently, but they restock. I may have to snag another set. There’s a cute skirt and crop top version of this fringe as well.

And after the drinks came a dance party. Lol

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