Ankara Skirt + White Ruffle Top


Twirling through the last week of Summer in my print skirt! For the the longest, I had asked my momma to make me a high waist ankara skirt and she finally did!- She is a fashion designer!  It’s so crazy to me how prints I grew up wearing have become so “in”. I’m all for this ankara revolution and celebrating of our roots!

I love that this skirt features such a defined waist and pockets. Hopefully soon my momma will make more and I’ll add them my etsy.

Paired this skirt with this ruffle crop top by Pull & Bear. I’m so glad the European line came to ASOS. Unfortunately this top is sold out.  I live for oversized sleeves.

To accessorize, I added my favorite crystal choker (see it in my Etsy) and my DIY pearl sandals. 

To top the look off, I added this makeshift turban, a leftover piece of fabric that honestly is too short for a head wrap… but we live and we learn. I was able to get a couple shots with it before it became lopsided. Soon I’ll use a larger piece of fabric and show some of my favorite ways to tie head wraps. I’ve come to know a head wrap and a lip as ready to go, because for as long as I can remember, they have been my momma’s signature before heading out. It’s also so interesting how ankara head scarves have really become popular  with so many fun brands. Although, I think it’s vital that we always recall and celebrate it’s African roots and story. I’ve seen quite a few discussions where head wrap brands take ownership of making ankara wraps! But nevertheless, I love seeing a woman adorned with a pineapple of vibrant fabric on her head, so I’m thankful it’s become more popular.

This look was meant to be Ghana Princess, but it’g giving me a bit of gypsy, especially with this baby head scarf…

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