This hot tea was boiling! I’m not gonna lie that day in May when the TMZ Solange Jay-Z altercation at the Standard came out was one of the most entertaining moments of the year. I had gone to my French conversation class oral and the one before me was going over. Something told me I … More Elevator-Gate

MET Gala 2014

The MET Gala is THE night for celebrate fashion! I preferred this year’s vibe to last years rocker theme that inspired a lot of misses! Still can’t get over Bey’s “lord jesus its a fire” Givenchy number! The Stella McCartney gang looked amazing! Especially Rih Rih, who always delivers!!! I love how Cara Delevingne looks … More MET Gala 2014


Surprise Suprise Suprise of lyfe!!!! King, Queen, Her Royalness herself Bey, snatched all wigs, and gave night frights as she released BEYONCE, digitally on iTunes at midnight in December! I, being a beehive fiend/ stan (although I realized I’m not nearly as crazy in love obsessed as others) got a text at about 6 am … More BEYONNCEE Album Drop

Oh Mona!

The Mona Lisa is located on a central wall in a large rectangular room in the Louvre populated with many other paintings on the perimeter walls. It is smaller than expected probably because you look at it behind a 5 foot barricade. The tourist craze is to get is the selfie with Mona of course. … More Oh Mona!

On the Run Tour

Speaking of Beyonce and Jay-z. ┬áThis summer, I got all my life from the On the Run Tour. I’ve seen both Bey and Jay before seep rarely but they were a force together. I loved the way they blended their sets together. One would perform and the other would rise up! Not to mention the … More On the Run Tour


This year’s Grammy’s were by far the most entertaining in long while. The highlight was not a big awards upset to a nonmainstream artist. This year proved to be what the majority of popular culture wants to enjoy seeing the biggest names that surf the radio waves front and center celebrating the glitz, glam, rock … More Grammy’s

Etta James 1938-2012

Etta James passed this past week at the age of 73! The iconic singer had suffered from leukemia, dementia, and hepatitis C. Word is her records have soared 378% since her death! In the film ‘Cadillac Records’ Beyonce played the singer and we got a inside look into her struggles. Etta was quick to comment … More Etta James 1938-2012