On the Run Tour

I wore this fun high waist swing skirt that I got thrift in Paris. It makes the waist looked snatch! and this cute borrowed jean crop from sissy.

IMG_7236 (1)

Speaking of Beyonce and Jay-z.  This summer, I got all my life from the On the Run Tour. I’ve seen both Bey and Jay before seep rarely but they were a force together. I loved the way they blended their sets together. One would perform and the other would rise up! Not to mention the On the Run film playing and the amazing ‘This is Real Life’ footage of their personal life! Spoiler* footage of their wedding, birth of Blue Ivy, pregnancy shoot, Blue beginning to walk, and the Carter’s just being It on vacas. I absolutely loved Beyonce’s Resentment’ performance and Jay’s ‘Song Cry’! They really adjusted their usual sets for this arena tour! I also loved Bey’s rendition of Lauren Hill’s X Factor! I can’t even imagine what it’s like like to know you are the crème de la crème of not only the music but entertainment industry.





Peering out from the steam, good Ol Bodyguard Julius on duty! (Still hoping he got a raise from Solange Evalvator-gate) He’s the real MVP!



Just Life!

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