Who’s the Father??

There has been great debate for some time about whether Khloe Kardashian is really a Kardashian because she physically is incredibly different from her siblings. She doesn’t have the natural deep dark hair like her sisters, olive Armenian skin, the visible Armenian facial features of her sisters and she’s a good 7 inches taller than … More Who’s the Father??

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes Kicked off this year’s highly anticipated Award Show season. To me the most exciting part though is of course the Red Carpet! The trends for the Globes were glittery head bands, blues and blush tones. After award shows I love to tune into Fashion Police and hear the outlandish things Joan Rivers … More Golden Globes

Mamma Bey gives Birth to the most awaited baby

On January 7. Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their highly anticipated baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. The joyous occasion turned into a media and gossip frenzy. First from the originally perceived name Ivy Blue, to the brouhaha about the measures taken at Lenox Hill Hospital. Hours after the genetically magnificent baby was brought into the world … More Mamma Bey gives Birth to the most awaited baby

Kimmy Got Tricked Not Treated

Kimmy Got Tricked Not Treated

I was rolling yesterday on Twitter reading #ThingsLongerThanKimsWedding. One of my favorites was Baha Men’s Career after who let the dogs out. I don’t even have a crease yet in the magazine! Its only been 72 days! Is it bad luck if I still invasion my dream wedding after Kim’s ill-fated fairytale? The whole Kardashian Fame wagon has gotten out of control. The statements about the reality of the marriage, Kris’s book on OJ Simpson trial,and exploitation of everything possible in their lives has become absolutely out of hand, but we’ll still be watching Kim and Kourtney in NY why because it’s quality television.

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