Mamma Bey gives Birth to the most awaited baby

On January 7. Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their highly anticipated baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. The joyous occasion turned into a media and gossip frenzy. First from the originally perceived name Ivy Blue, to the brouhaha about the measures taken at Lenox Hill Hospital. Hours after the genetically magnificent baby was brought into the world a faux twitter was created that gained 20,000 followers in a number of hours. @IvyBlue was clearly pre-thoughtout because she discussed a bevy of catchy tweets referencing her parents songs and the lavish life she would be living. A week after it was reported Beyonce had given birth to baby Tiana May New Years weekend. Crazy claims continued with the actual birth. It was reported that the Carters had splurged to $1.3 million for a deluxe suite, whole floor of Lenox Hill, and extreme security detail. The reported security made every employee turn in their cell phone and prohibited parents without proper ID from seeing their children. After an inspection was done to insure that the hospital had not violated patient/family rights. The hospital stated that the reported million had not been paid by the couple, the suite was a standard suite that could have been used by anyone, and the reports of someone being denied access to their children false. @IvyBlue Carter was temporarily shut down and the mind behind the tweets was revealed. She was a designer of roll up flats for clubbing flats. She was using the twitter for promotion. Not a bad idea. Then numerous Illuminati claims resurfaced. It was said that Blue Ivy backwards is the name of Satan’s daughter. One person was so fervent in this belief that they wrote this on the monicker of a Carolina Church. Foolishness!What had been originally congrats from fans- Blue Ivy was the number one trending topic, stars like Rihanna, Gwen Paltro, Diddy, and Russel Simmons tweeted congrats, On interviews that week many stars gave that congrats, on youtube a congrats was written for the baby-turned into craziness. Both Michelle Williams and Solange took to twitter to air out their upset over the madness.For something so cherished and supported by so many it quickly turned to craziness. I wonder how long until they show Baby Girl? I love her already!!!

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