I absolutely love the ‘Glory’ song Jay-Z did for Baby Blue Ivy! Not just because I am a Bey Stan but because it was so passionate and sweet! He rapped”I’d paint the sky Blue, my greatest creation”. Later he says “You were made in Paris,” and follows that by dishing that his baby girl was conceived the night before Beyonce shot her stellar ‘4’ album shoot.BUT most revealing of all was the shocking revelation that there was a previous miscarriage “All the pain of the last time!”… “Last time the miscarriage was tragic we was afraid you disappeared” Poor Bey :(! I love that they are so private in their relationship that this was never known before.

THe cherry on top was the inclusion of the baby’s cries.”A younger, smarter, faster me” he says and that she is. The genetically spectacular child has already received the first of I’m sure many accolades. She now holds the record for the youngest person to make the Billboard Hot 100 Chart! Who doesn’t love to see a father show love for his child?

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