Paula Deen Controversy

After an outting by the press Paula Deen has finally made an announcement that for the last three years she has suffered from Type 2 Diabetes. A lot of people are upset that she waited so long to come forward about her illness. She now is coming out with new products for diabetics. After hearing more about the situation I kind of feel that since there was so much recent speculation she decided that she needed to come forward but OF COURSE let her brand benefit from her illness. I once did a project on the famous homemaker because i admire her ability to have such a presence in the cooking world. Although I admire her business mindset I can’t help but wonder if its all a show. Today I was in the supermarket and she was on two covers one with a cake and one with a steaming bowl of Mac and Cheese.I also recently caught her show and noticed that she feels the need to over include Southern phrases like y’all into her presentations, which all make me feel that it is somewhat of an act. I understand that this is an illness she was dealing with behind the scenes and that can be hard, but type 2 Diabetes is due to a sedentary life and usually tied into being overweight do to poor health choices. People feel that she is to blame for unhealthy lifestyles. This I think is too great of a charge because people choose to follow her notoriously high fat recipes. I feel there is a problem in how she herself has been having these health issues, but continued to promote unhealthy eating. At the end of each of her cooking shows she eats the Donut bunned burgers and such that she creates. I almost feel like she spits it out right after the director says cut.

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