Cruise Sinking!

The awful Titanic like story of the Costa Concordia off the Italian coast has proved to an awful disaster that now has resulted with charges for the wrecked ship’s captain. The supposed story is that when the ship was close to the island of Giglio Captain Francesco Schettino was having a conversation with guests in the bridge at the time of impact. His reported distraction came after he had decided to switch to manual navigation in order to have the ship close enough to Giglio so that there could be a greeting with the former captain, Mario Palombo. If you’re going to make sure a crass decision why would you not be closely watching the ship? He was chatting and not paying attention. Word is that the Captain panicked after the impact retired to his room to retrieve his laptop, and then “fell into the third life boat.”-_- He is currently under house arrest and being charged with manslaughter, abandoning ship, and causing a shipwreck. He was pacing back and forth and waited an hour after the ship had run onto rocks to announce ‘Abandon Ship’.Only after he had been told control had been lost. SHAME. Absolutely Shambles. Today the death toll now has reached 18 people as divers dangerously continue to search the ship which is on its side, one half in the water, one half visible, stuck on a shallow rock, that position is not permanent and very soon the Concordia could roll off the rock and plunge hundreds of feet down below. This would prevent retrieving any of the 18 still not accounted for. The divers are having to battle the possibilities of the ship moving along with the dangerous close quarters and danger of being in the shipwreck. Their are holes being blown in to ease the process. It is also not completely known if the unaccounted of the original 4,200 passengers and crew could still be alive 😦 This is so unfortunate. I’ve been on many a cruise and have always felt so secure yet i have always dreaded the mandatory first day life boat test. Glad to know their importance. How Tragic
The before of the ship

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