Golden Globes

The Golden Globes Kicked off this year’s highly anticipated Award Show season. To me the most exciting part though is of course the Red Carpet! The trends for the Globes were glittery head bands, blues and blush tones. After award shows I love to tune into Fashion Police and hear the outlandish things Joan Rivers says.My best dressed were Sofia Veragara ( love her and her strong accent), Charlize Theron (who for some reason has no accent even though she is South African), Viola Davis (who I thought was snubbed was giving me life in her plum colored high slit gown), Claire Danes (who took home the same award she won when she was 15, I loved the black and white and the back), and Reese Witherspoon (the presenter stepped it up and was fierce in red).

I thought that host Rickie Gervais toned it down this year, which was peculiar and made his overall performance less than stellar. All the big names were there and as usual people were fawning over Brad and Angelina. Many people picked her for best dressed not for her dress but for her appearance I wasn’t the biggest fan of her silk dress. I found it comical Madge fired back to Rickie Gervais “If I am still like a virgin come do something about it. I haven’t kissed a girl in a while… at least in public” (as he ran across the stage).

The worst dress I thought were Ms. Pose-A-Lot Lea Michele (the dress was too sexy and too Halle Berry circa early 2000s Oscars for the Glee Star the top with the sequins too much for her), Madonna ( too much was going on the dramatic receipant of best song who had a tiff with Sir Elton John), Sarah Michelle Gellar ( in a tie dress she said her toddler daughter picked for her)

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