Who’s the Father??

There has been great debate for some time about whether Khloe Kardashian is really a Kardashian because she physically is incredibly different from her siblings. She doesn’t have the natural deep dark hair like her sisters, olive Armenian skin, the visible Armenian facial features of her sisters and she’s a good 7 inches taller than them as well. In season 2 of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s Khloe does a DNA test with her mom Kris Jenner, but the question is not if she’s Kris daughter but if she is really the late Robert Kardashian’s daughter. Recently one of the ex wives of Mr. Kardashian said that he had told her that Khloe was not his daughter, but then he divorced her and stated he didn’t want anymore children because he already had four as way to dissolve the marriage. In Kris Jenner’s book she states that she had an affair during her marriage. Claims have come out that Khloe could even be close family friend OJ Simpson’s daughter because she bares an uncanny resemblance to his daughter. BUT the plot continues to thicken as it is now being reported that Kris’s longtime hairstylist Alex Rodan of 30 years(pictured above) is Khloe’s true father. Their faces seem VERY similar and Alex is much taller than Robert Kardashian Sr. who was only about 5’7. I even feel they have the same head shape. Rumors were that there would be a special Kardashian episode to cover it, but I really feel that Khloe needs to do a DNA test with one of her siblings in order to know for sure and end all the speculation. I just went on Khloe’s Wikipedia page and unlike her siblings it only says she’s apart of the Kardashian klan and that she is the daughter of Kris Kardashian. While on both Kourtney and Kim’s it says that they are the daughter of Robert Kardashian senior and Kris Kardashian. Mhmmm it continues to thicken…

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