I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston


My heart was hurt to hear the news of the passing of the one and only Whitney especially because of the pictures taken of her a couple  of days before her death. She was out at a club looked erratic, got into an altercation with a X Factor contestant, and exited talking strangely with blood on her legs. At her hotel the Beverly Hilton she was reported as doing handstands by the pool! What I found touching was the video of her singing for the last time on stage with Kelly Price “Jesus Loves Me” and of her interrupting Brandy, Monica, and Clive Davis’s interview. The mysteries surrounding the whole situation start here What was on the followed note that she handed Brandy? Was she officially dating Ray-J? 

As for her death questions are still many? What exactly happened when she entered the bathroom? How did she end up face down? That sounds like she collapsed into the tub or as Nancy Grace believes there was foul play. Was she drunk at the time? Who would allow her to mix the heavy anti anxiety pills like Xanax with alcohol ? Why was she left unattended for 30 something minutes when her team is well aware she’s unstable? Why was Bobbi Kristina Hospitalized afterwards? Why did Clive Davis attend and go on with her party? So many questions? She leaves behind an amazing legacy? I rewatched her 2009 interview with Oprah where she talked about finally being clean since leaving her “drug” Bobby with who she did drugs with. On HLN they had a specialist call in and say addiction is a serious longterm disease and needs deep treatment. She could have easily traded one addiction for another.She is “The Voice” I will always love you Whitney!!!


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