DIY Black Fluffy Mules

Here’s a festive DIY for this Holiday season. It takes just a few minutes and you can create this luxe looking mule. Best part is that you can do it for $15!

Fur and fluff has been making such a comeback and with faux variations like the one I used, you can create an equally chic look.

What you need:

Plain pair of black mules, similar

Maribou boa (faux fur)

Hot glue or craft glue

1. To begin use a plastic bag as your work area. (I didn’t, but learned how messy the feathers could be!) Measure the fur across the length of the mule and cut it. Use the first piece to cut the fur for the second mule.

2. Begin by glueing the fur across the width of the shoe. Decide if you want to do it straight across or diagonally as I did.

3. Once you get to the end, cut the remaining fluff.

4. Repeat on the other shoe.

And just like that you’ll be spicing up your holiday with this festive shoe. This would also make such a cute gift. We all love homemade items. Checkout the DIY video on my page.

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