Review: FENTY Beauty Mattemoiselle

Yasss! This is my first beauty review. While I’m not a makeup guru, -it’s most definitely not my area of ministry, but I can manage lippies! Riri most definitely got it right with these!

So far I have collected the Kilowatt Highlighter, the Match Stix Trio (just got it for Xmas and I’m loving it for contour!), and the STUNNA Lip Paint in Uncensored from FENTY BEAUTYThe highlighter is for sure a banger. I also have sampled the foundations, but the ones available in the 400s were too orange on me. I am patiently awaiting to walk into a Sephora with the colors fully replenished so that I can snag my correct shade. My expectations for the brand have been surpassed and my makeup collection well enhanced.

Initial reactions to the MATTEMOISELLE:

The tube is thinner than I was expecting. It’s long and slim. It’s a regular a lipstick rather than a solid/liquid application.( Not sure why I was expecting that). In Sephora, I tested PMS (which I ended up getting), a dark brown; Shawty, a warmer brown; MA’DAMN, a cooler red; MIDNIGHT WASABI, a green shade; and S1ngle, an orange shade.

I ended up taking PMS to start with because my ColourPOP, Limbo is out. I will definitely be going back for the other colors that I tried. I’ll be going to Mexico soon and the S1ngle orange will be perfect. The green MIDNIGHT WASABI would be great for a really beat occasion, but it’s def an every-once-in-a-while-lip.

Comparison to STUNNA: I’m very excited to get MA’DAMN, it’s more my kind of red! While the STUNNA is fun, it was quite bright and not an everyday red to me.  Also I found the STUNNA to be very transferable. While I would rate the STUNNA a B+ actually, the liquid takes a bit to dry and it can be a bit messy.

The consistency of the MATTEMOISELLE is bomb, it’s not too dry, nor heavy or sticky when layered. I love the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lippies, but they are quite dry. I have very dry lips so it’s not always the best match. The MATTEMOISELLE is soft going on, but still high shade. The only minus compared to Colour Pop is that the MATTEMOISELLE is a bit transferable, but less so than the STUNNA.

OVERALL: I would rate it an A! I love that it’s a long-wear lipstick line that’s matte, but not hard. Matte doesn’t have to = hard or dry. I’m sure looking forward to building my collection.

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