Ruby Woo and Momma Too

Ruby Woo Lipstick by Mac I feel has become a staple in makeup bags. I love that’s it nots too red and almost like a matte! It is really flattering on a variety of skin tones as well! The worst is a lipstick you love on someone else and it wasn’t made for you. I grew up watching Momma Rose wear red lipstick on the reg nearly everyday! Its always been her staple and I’ve come to love lipsticks as a result. You can be bare faced and just have that pop of ruby, cherry or peppermint and bring richness and warmth to any day! I began wearing it at five and have gotten hooked. It’s an enhancement as I Live Laugh Love in everyday life! If you think about it our mouth is our focal point so outlining it adds definition to our perception.We use our mouth all day long to communicate and interact so why not add a little bit of sweetness?  no matter what else is going on it adds posaze.  I got these rings that are my motto from Topshop and the necklace as well.

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