All I Need is a Four Finger Ring

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Chunky neck flare has made a major resurgence in Fashion. Gold Chains especially are really hot this season. No longer is the decade long trend just a part of hip hop culture. I really like this trend with collars! It brings luster to the neck and face that it frames!

Here I am wearing a smaller gold chain to church and mixing lace, a checked print, and a metallic gold shoe.This is a variation of the trend, its an accent rather than a focal point.  The contrast from all the pieces adds dimension to the outfit because they all vary but still come together with the color palette. I topped it with a black belt.

The gold chain is vintage. The lace top is from Zara. The pencil skirt is vintage. The belt was Momma Rose’s in the 80s. The shoes are Rachel Roy ( I love her brand its so fun) I like the stud detail on the heel.

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