Mama Bey an Baby Blue

WAhoo!!! The spawn of Bey was finally revealed!!! BIC is soo presh! Not only am I loving Beyonce’s laid back life lately…. just living! Her outfit in the pic is so simple gold flats, a romper, and only red lipstick and these long box breads! I feel like she’s really relaxed this summer just went through a whirlwind Euro vacation  which is not something I feel she would have done before. I feel she’s reached a new level in her life. She seems a little more normal she no longer always wears heels nor dramatic long weaves make up on face for the day and during the WWT tour was in the audience with the general public. This shows her power she has the ability to lay low and still be the ‘it’ star. I can’t wait to see what she does next! Baby Blue is so chubbs and adorable and she  looks like her Mama. Her peach leggings are so cute! I did notice as well that she’s getting quite big and soon Bey will need to push her in a stroller she was almost half her body size! he won’t be able to shield her so easily soon! I might add that she was pushing Blue’s face into her shoulder as she left Bergdorf’s why? Is it cause she really doesn’t want pics that bad or the bright flashes or both? I applaud her for keeping us always guessing and retaining privacy. We as watchers don’t really know the Carter’s life except what Bey wants us to know which I love! Bey is one of the few celebs everyone obsesses over but still she controls what we know and does it better than any other idolized celeb I believe *SNAPS* but I think just putting Blue in a stroller with the canopy pulled down would be best… Could I love her anymore?#STan Post #love

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