Midi Skirts

For Spring Midi Length Skirts are in! Loving them! Oh Yeah,Oh Yeah,Oh Yeah as seen on Momma Kourt K. And here in Asos! Here’s my take on it! My top is a basic from H&M i believe and then I used some of Momma Rose’s appliqué that she uses to sew African garments and some … More Midi Skirts


One of this seasons trends is Fur!!! I’m really thankful for this trend! It doesn’t always have to be real buy faux and it will save a chinchilla and your wallet! I know its a little Zsa Zsa Gabour but its so warm real or faux. It also allows you to wear less but still … More Fur!

Tie Tops

One of this Season’s Trends is tie tops! The style has come back! As seen on Kourtney K. Here’s my take on the style! I got my top from a vintage store in the East Village!