DIY Fringe Beyoncé Tee

This weekend, I went to the OTRII in Atlanta. It was amazing as usual! I’ve been to quite a few Beyonce concerts, but never worn a Bey shirt. I made this DIY fringe top a couple of days ago just in time for the concert. It didn’t take super long and just required a tee that I found on Amazon (can you believe!) and some trimming.

I originally intended to use black tassel trim, but there was a mix up with my order and I received two of these gold trimmings instead that I intended to use for some sandals. I think it came out better with the gold!

If you have extra time, you can save money and iron on letters onto a plain tee.

To top the look of, i paired it with these red tassel earrings that I just added to my shop and the pom pom straw clutch is in my Etsy as well. It was my last DIY post.


-What would Beyoncé do? Tee from Amazon

-Gold trim

-Needle and thread


1. Try the top on and decide where to cut it for crop top length. Take it off and crop the top.

2. Beginning on one end of the hem of the top, fold the edge of the hem so that the cut edge is hidden and begin to sew on the gold trimming.

3.Continue this for the front of the top. (At the end, I cut the trimming, but if you can manage you can continue the trimming for the back as well.)

4. Repeat on the back of the shirt.

Voilà, you have an orignal concert tee for Queen Bey.

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