DIY Pom Pom Straw Bag

Hey blog hey!

I’m excited to share this pom pom straw bag DIY. Straw bags inspired by the Far East became the must -have styles for summer. My friend got one in Bali and I was able to make my own variation in a few simple steps. If DIY and hand sewing isn’t your flavor, I’ve added one to my Etsy.

I was able to use embellishment that I had in my craf supplies, but everything can be found on Amazon or at a craft store.

What I used:

Plain straw clutch bag- $7 on eBay

Fringe trim– $8 and change on Amazon and it’s 5 yards. I used pink because it’s what I had leftover from a sandal DIY, but I’ll make one with black next.

Black pom pom -$4 on Amazon. This is the most necessary accessory. They make everything they go on so fun!

Jewels- These were leftover from a DIY swimsuit. I got these in a good size bag from a trimming store in the fashion district for a $1!

I recorded a turtorial on my instagram. Here are the steps:

1. Hand sew the pom pom on the perimeter of the clutch flap. (Originally I left holes in between then I added in some more. It’s up to you how decorated you want it.)

2. Sew on the jewels in the center of the clutch. Arrange them in a fun pattern. ( I didn’t have many jewels left and may add more next time.)

3. Add a fun fringe trimming and sew it on the inside of the clutch flap so the fringe creates a half moon on the clutch.

And voila, you have a super fun clutch!Adding sequins or appliqué would also be really fun and less tedious to sew. I can’t quite estimate the timing as I did it in a few installments.

I modeled this bag before I finished for an upcoming outfit post. I’ll add make some more with different decoration.

Get this bag HERE in my shop.

Also here’s my POST with some must-have summer bags that I found on Amazon.

Let me know what you think!

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